What happened when a Pakistani going to met his wife

A lady has shared hilarious pictures of her ‘husband-less honeymoon’ after her new partner turned into denied a visa for their excursion.

Huma Mobin and her new husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt, from Lahore, have been scheduled to head on a 2d honeymoon to Greece remaining month with Mr Bhatt’s mother and father.

however Ms Mobin’s husband did not get a visa in time for the ride.

Tradegy: Huma Mobin (above) changed into imagined to go on a second honeymoon with her husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt but his visa didn’t come through in time

Going abroad: The couple had planned to journey to Greece with Mr Bhatt’s mother and father for the ten day ride

‘Nooooo’: After his visa changed into denied, Ms Mobin taken into consideration no longer happening the ride, however it was already paid for

first of all the younger lady did not need to head without her beloved, however because the whole holiday was already paid for the couple decided she need to see the united states of america.

This intended she become left to see the points of interest along with her in-laws for 10 days at Mr Bhatt turned into left at domestic in Pakistan.

on the way to share the ride with Mr Bhatt, she snapped some pics of her time abroad at the destinations she visited.

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