Who was the general Rani ?

Aqleem Akhtar (اقلیم اختر) is one of the forgotten characters inside the records of Pakistan. She turned into a strength broking and had get right of entry to to the power corridors of Pakistani choice makers from 1960’s to early 1970’s. mainly from March 1969 to December 1971, she changed into considered one of the maximum effective girl in Pakistan politics with out serving at any key function.

Why Aqleem AKhtar is being discussed on this showbiz portal, the motive is few of her circle of relatives individuals later excelled within the showbiz. this article discusses all the well-known people related to the circle of relatives of Aqleem Akhtar. names in this article i.e. Tariq Mairaj and Naseem Tariq aren’t any extra related to this family, but their names are mentioned for reference simplest.

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