Saudi prince died

Abdullah, who had dominated since 2005 and turned into said to be aged approximately 90, have been affected by a lung contamination.
His 79-yr-antique 1/2-brother, Salman, has been confirmed as the new king.
inside hours of his accession to the throne of the oil-rich state, King Salman vowed to preserve the same regulations as his predecessors.
“we can preserve adhering to the precise regulations which Saudi Arabia has observed on the grounds that its established order,” he said in a speech broadcast on nation tv.
Abdullah had suffered common bouts of unwell health in recent years, and King Salman had currently taken at the ailing monarch’s duties.
previous to announcing Abdullah’s dying, Saudi television cut to Koranic verses, which regularly indicates the passing of a senior royal.
A statement said Abdullah had died at 01:00 (22:00 GMT Thursday).

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