Girl win a car in Jeeto Jago Pakistnan after struggling for 4 years

The Fahad Mustafa-hosted television recreation display Jeeto Pakistan has aced the rating charts for all of the applications on Pakistani tv in 2015. in keeping with the posts shared on Jeeto Pakistan’s legit fb account, the show crossed all rating statistics at the fifteenth of Ramadan with 12.6 TRPs.

The display has surpassed all expectations which helped ARY virtual as a channel to win the struggle of airing the maximum-watched Ramadan transmissions among all other neighborhood contenders.

Fahad Mustafa has now not handiest seized the best scores in this time slot from all channels thru his popular Jeeto Pakistan recreation show, but he additionally derived the most important chew of ratings for ARY virtual in the entire day.

Fahad Mustafa, 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 for his overly enthusiastic and exuberant personality has taken the lead for the very best ratings with the famous and near the iconic tagline, “Ramazan principal Lay Jao, Sub l. a. Jao.”

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