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Donald Trump’s crew raised concerns with Ukip’s Nigel Farage about the antagonistic comments made approximately his presidential marketing campaign with the aid of contributors of the British authorities, a party source has suggested.

Farage, who met america president-choose at Trump Tower in long island on Saturday night time, informed the Telegraph Theresa might also’s government needed to “mend some fences” along with his group. “a number of his group had reservations approximately what members of the cabinet have said for the duration of the election,” Farage said. “trust you me, his group are conscious of the feedback.”

A Ukip supply alleged that there has been a belief in Trump’s team that British politicians and diplomats had not taken the opportunity of a Trump win critically. “Why do you think it’s far that Farage is the primary global politician to meet Trump? due to the fact he took him severely,” the supply said.


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