Girls beat up the boy

This video shows us a negative facet of Pakistan yet a truth. Pakistan now in twenty first century is present process a process in which human beings of Pakistan are adopting western culture, there may be no damage of adopting western tradition human beings must recognize approximately cultural diversities but they should no longer forget about that Pakistan is an Islamic Republic. people ought to no longer cross the limit line drawn in our religion. on this video there may be a wedding happening in which guys are dancing with a lady, in other words we will say it a “MUJRA”. that is honestly prohibited in our religion but nevertheless humans choose it and when they do such stuff they cross their boundaries. something similar to this befell on this video, As I stated above guys have been dancing with a lady suddenly a boy misbehaved with a lady and the female misplaced her temper and started beating the boy. I understand that it become that Boy’s mistake however one component I would really like to say is that, the lady who lost her temper have to have notion earlier than that the act she is doing isn’t virtually right. I guess if she had notion this earlier than, this would have no longer took place.

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