Girl using abusive words in live show

He became Om Swami aka Swami Ji, the first common man to enter the Bigg Boss 10 residence.

within the very first episode, the Swami Ji made anti-feminist comments, exceeded judgments at the way the female contestants were dressed and further claimed that he came to Bigg Boss a good way to “make the world a higher location”.

but, these had been now not the reasons for his unexpected (in)recognition. A video of ‘Swami ji’ that showed him getting violent with a girl astrologer on a stay television show went viral on social media.
Om Swamiji got violent on stay television in the course of a debate on debatable determine Radhe Maa in September 2015. The panel comprised Om Swami and Deepa Sharma, amongst others.

Being an avid supporter of Radhe Maa, Om Swami and Deepa Sharma were given into a violent scuffle on countrywide tv over grievance of the self-proclaimed godmother by using the latter.

India tv – Swami Ji were given violent with a girl astrologer on live display, huge Boss 10- India tv

while Twitter made merry toasting Swami Ji, ‘Baba’ was busy making professions on the display.

Baba ji told Salman that he’ll make the actor the maximum famous superstar inside the international. He additionally claimed that he could get the celebrity married next yr. but, while Salman enquired of the bride’s name from Swami, he didn’t disclose it.
This contestant left Salman Khan laughing out loud along with his utterances and behaviour each on stage and in the house.

Swami additionally noted leading Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone, who joined Salman to sell her upcoming maiden Hollywood challenge, ‘xXx: return of Xander Cage’, as Lakshmi Devi.In reality, each he addressed every lady he met within the Bigg Boss residence with the name of a goddess.

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