Why society treat transgender differently

Danda organization is now beating up the transgender humans for doing their independent shows and is getting them thrashed through bandits. Jajja Butt thrashed the transgender human beings and shaved their heads as properly. but, police knew not anything about the incident, pronounced Dunya information.

Danda group has forbidden the transgender network to do any features with out its permission. Jajja Butt and his aide picked 4 transgender human beings Adeeba, Dillagi, Hina and Adil from Daska and took them to Phool’s den in Kotli, where they beat them up mercilessly.

5 different transgender humans inclusive of Shanaya have been abducted from Sialkot and their heads were shaved at Azeemu’s den in Kotli. Jajja Butt has additionally threatened the transgender community of comparable remedy if they may be discovered concerned in similar activities once more.

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