Qatari Princess Se-xual Sca-ndal

As per the daily paper, the British police was astounded when following a suspect into a condo which is possessed by the Qatari princess to discover her engaging in sexual relations with three Europeans men inside the room, while four others, incorporating the speculate holding up in line in the corridor.

The suspect amid examination conceded that the Qatari princess, called Sheikha Salwa, a girl of previous Prime Minister Hamad receptacle Jassim canister Jabor Al Thani, had concurred with him through a middle person to get men of uncommon physical qualities who have involvement in particular methods for aggregate sex in return of a considerable measure of cash. The Qatari princess requested that him this time bring six men immediately, and requesting that he remain in the condo lobby until they leave because of a paranoid fear of savagery by anybody of them, as had happened in past visits.


The princess in noting security staff questions dismal it is not prostitution for cash, but rather she is paying the cash to the men, and to the extent she knows this is not infringing upon the British law. Yet, police advised her it is illegal to utilize a man who has a criminal record or men for prostitution. Dissimilar to different laws, British law men prostitution outside the law is culpable And that she looked for sexual administrations outside the British law.

An office 6 insider told the Financial Times, the narrative of the occurrence and that the case won’t degenerate into something as the princess hold a discretionary international ID. the British police informed the Qatari international safe haven of the subject, however the last did not think about something besides avoiding distribution of the embarrassment .

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