ARY zindgee Drama scene crossing all limites

ARY zindgee Drama scene crossing all limites


watching these kind of things on the ARY truly makes us miserable. Presently we can’t permit our youngsters to sit and watch the typical TV dramatizations. Since we will never realize what may happen. What’s more, the channels which we believe are fitting for our kids are not suitable by any stretch of the imagination.

We need to keep away our kids from TV to the extent we can. Since it is devastating the ethical values as well as it is gradually harming the psyches of our kin. For instance the kid’s shows which are named in Hindi and youngsters appear to like it particularly are immaculate delineation of Indian culture and Hindu religion.

Same is the situation with the Indian Dramas which are being publicized on the Pakistani systems. The way of life which is being advanced through these Dramas have in no way like our social culture. What’s more, these shows are effectsly affecting our general public.

After the Indian Dramas were restricted the Turkish Dramas shook the TV screens and they were enormous hits. In any case, the Turkish individuals are cutting edge individuals and they resemble Europeans. What’s more, the Turkish individuals are present day sort of individuals for them religion may come at the third or fourth need. So these things don’t aggravate them.

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