Prostitution In Karachi is on peak

considering that some years, Khayaban-e-Shujaat in DHA, phase five, Karachi has received a infamous recognition of being the hub of prostitution. The section of the Khayaban unique to this booming enterprise extends between A-road and Khayaban-e-Tanzeem. any other running region is on the intersection for the main Zamzama boulevard.

The woman sex workers, their pimps, a mess of vehicle rickshaws and an ever growing customers are a daily affair in this street. From dawn to dusk, the commercial enterprise is in complete swing. The customers are in most cases domestic help, chauffeurs, cooks, guards, gardeners and specifically relatives of VVIP security personnel who go to Karachi from rural areas. maximum of them are hired via the residents of DHA.

cars can regularly be seen parked in deserted nooks and corners alongside roads going from side to side from this location, serving as a quick alternative for room and bed. on this regard, many complaints had been made to government whilst some objections had been acquired by safety guards or proprietors of the belongings in which such activities are accomplished. Unoccupied bungalows in the road additionally provide safe haven for those activities.

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