Very intresting developmen in Afia Sadiqqui case

“A leading Pakistani newspaper did make this claim, but it cannot be verified,” Sattar Khan, DW’s Islamabad correspondent, instructed DW, including that no matter repeated calls authorities ministers couldn’t be contacted.
“I suppose the Pakistani government made this provide to assuage its conservative electorate who assist Siddiqui,” Khan underlined.
In may additionally 2012, Afridi – the man who is believed to have assisted the united states in coming across the whereabouts of al Qaeda’s former chief Osama bin weighted down – was sentenced to 33 years in prison for treason with the aid of a Pakistani courtroom. Pakistani government have seeing that saved Afridi in solitary confinement in a secret prison. most effective few officials can meet or speak to him. Afridi is not allowed to talk to his own family or the media.
Bin encumbered was killed on may also 2, 2011 via US unique Forces within the Pakistani city of Abbottabad in a covert operation. The Pakistani government claims that prior to bin encumbered’s assassination, Afridi had been working as a spy for the usa’ vital Intelligence organisation (CIA), dispensing fake vaccinations in Abbottabad within the hopes of locating a pattern of bin weighted down’s DNA.

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