What is happening with Pakistani labor in Arab world

domestic workers running for wealthy Arab families in Gulf States had confronted very tough conditions considering that always. A latest photos of a Pakistani servant running with an Arab family has highlighted the problem over social media due to the fact that greater. The male servant changed into given very harsh treatment with the aid of his grasp’s wife. It ...

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Hindu Sadhu disrespecting women

fake saint urges to harmless girls in certainly one of famous city of Pakistan. in keeping with sources, he had this with approximately 300 ladies who come to him for her treatment. It in addition informed as those ladies come to him for getting male kids from him. Our society is being sentenced by means of those false saints from ...

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Villagers found shocking thing in snake belly

Locals who killed a massive snake after suspecting it of having eaten a calf because of its swollen stomach observed it changed into pregnant with dozens of eggs. The incident passed off in Nigeria wherein nearby media stated the snake were killed over accusations it had been feasting on farmers’ cattle. however as these photographs show, the snake turned into ...

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